This lovely dresser is named “Claudia” after one of my dearest friends. Claudia and I first met when our girls started school together in 1986. Wow! That was 25 years ago. Through those 25 years she has never changed. Always the kindest to everyone, so giving and caring. I treasure all our long conversations and friendship with her and her family. You can put this dresser in any room of your home. It would make a great buffet, changing table for the nursery, bathroom vanity, sofa table, entry piece, and of course a dresser in the bedroom! You can see “Claudia” at Frisco Mercantile, 8980 Preston Road in Frisco, Texas.


“Taylor” is named after my nephew Taylor! He is a honor student, great athlete, but most of all and outstanding young man! Not sure why, but for some reason this desk reminds me of Taylor’s fine qualities. This desk would look great in any office, bedroom, or den! Check this desk out in my suite at Frisco Mercantile. If you haven’t already go to Doozie’s Corner on Facebook and like it!