Our friends Clay and Kayla have a new baby girl Kinslee. She was born August 30. She spent a few extra days in the hospital but is home now and doing fine. I have not had the chance to meet her…but will soon! I’ve seen several pictures and she is beautiful! Wesley and I are looking so forward to meeting her. I’ve named this chest of drawer “Kinslee”. I thought this was such an unusual, but beautiful chest. You can see how well the detail shows up now compared to before. It will be in one of my suites later this week.

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"Alice" & "Dylan"

Several weeks ago a nice lady stopped by my booth in Frisco Mercantile and ask me if I had any desk for sale. After showing her a few pictures of things I had back at home we exchanged information and I was honored to paint and sell her a couple of desk for her children Alice & Dylan. Pictured are the desk I delivered to her last weekend! I hope the kids are enjoying the desk and have a successful school year!


In my suite at Classic Collections…..”Katherine”…………Jimmy Smith was my kids Youth Minister and he performed both of my daughters wedding ceremonies. Several years ago Jimmy and his wife Shonda adopted a very special little girl from Guatemala named Katherine. I named this three drawer nightstand “Katherine”….it is beautiful, intersting, charming and so is Katherine!!! The few times I’ve been around Katherine she made me smile. She has such a sweet heart like Shonda and is so funny like Jimmy! She is so blessed to have Jimmy and Shonda as her parents!