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College is always a good excuse for a new desk, or furniture for that matter! Everyone wants the perfect dorm room or apartment! With school approaching, I was contacted by a young lady who is beginning her freshman year at Texas Christian University, home of the Horned Frogs. They love their PURPLE, and so it is only fitting that this desk was painted in CeCeCaldwell‘s New Orleans Purple! 


I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their school year, whether you are attending or your children are starting back up! Make it a great year!


Friday’s Fab Finds: Furniture

There are 2 things that never dissapoint..
Here are my weekly fabulous finds on Pinterest. 
If you want to re-pin, please do so from the original source, so everyone gets credit for their fabulous  work!
Miss Mustard Seed’s Kitchen Scale
Miss Mustard Seed’s Shutter Gray w/ a hint of Grainsack
Miss Mustard Seed’s Ironstone
Miss Mustard Seed’s Tricycle
CeCe Caldwell’s {Limited Edition} Emerald Isle 
Hope you enjoyed those few FABulous Pinterest finds! Did you have a favorite this week? Comment & tell me! 
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Allison is my BFFPB.  That is my Best Friend Forever Paint Buddy!
I met Allison from Refunk My Junk at CeCe Caldwell’s retailer training this past April in Waco, Texas!  
We immediately connected and talk paint all the time! 
Wesley calls Allison Lil’ Miss Spitfire, because she has so much drive and energy!
Thank you Allison for sharing all your expert business and painting knowledge with me! 

I named this French Provincial dresser after Allison.  It is such a beautiful piece, painted in CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Clay Paints Vintage White and sealed in Allison’s favorite,  Satin Finish!
Don’t you just love the storage!
And look at the gorgeous curves!
This piece sold at Frisco Mercantile as quickly as I put it in my suite!
But I have another one coming soon!
What color would you like to see the next dresser painted in?

What can you do with a quart of CeCe chalk clay paint?

One of the first questions customers ask me about CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Clay Paint is how much will a quart cover.  So I decided to show you how much it will cover! 
Start off with one quart of CeCe Caldwell’s Paint in your choice of color (mine is almost always Vintage White), a can of clear wax, a can of dark aging wax, rag, three brushes, and a very fine sanding block.
This picture was taken in my paint room in my new home! So love having a paint  room!!!!
Next I went to the garage and started pulling pieces of furniture!
When the last drop of paint was gone this is what I had done………
A small desk, round end table, sofa table (with Virginia Chestnut) two tall night stands, a three drawer end table, and two picture frames!  Wow!  That is a lot!
Just a little closer look at these beautiful pieces!
That is a total of 8 projects!!! 
I have enough of clear wax left to do a small table or chair and I  only used about one third of the can of aging wax! The best  part is I painted all of this in my new paint room and had no odor since CeCe Caldwell’s Paints has no VOC and is naturally green!!!
So spending $32.95 for a quart of paint and purchasing a couple of cans of Wax at $27.95 each is well worth the money when you can cover this much!

What do you want to paint with a quart of CeCe Caldwell’s  chalk clay paint?

Would you like to learn how to turn your old furniture into new with a quart of paint?

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Please READ your labels!
The labels of the paint and wax I use to use!
WARNING LABELS….yes I shout that! I want each of you that reads this to pick up the paint can Align Centeryou have been painting from and read the warning labels…..if it has one! My CeCe Caldwell’s Paints has no warning labels. Why you ask? Because it is Non-Toxic, No VOC’s, and No Odor! The ingredients are listed…Water, Clay, Porcelain Clay, Chalk, Alcohol Ester (as a binder), Cellulose, Pigments, Preservative! CeCe Caldwell’s Paint is so safe expectant mothers can use it. There is absolutely NO warning that says keep out of the reach of children like other paints have! How wonderful to have a paint naturally GREEN in the color of your CHOICE! My very favorite product is my CeCe Caldwell’s Wax! It is the best! I can wax and walk away without a nasty headache! CeCe Wax does not require a HAZMAT for shipping like some others do! Now that should tell you how harmful other wax products are! And….how very safe CeCe Caldwell’s products are! So next time you purchase paint and wax READ THE LABELS!
My wax and paint of CHOICE is CeCe Caldwell’s!
CeCe Caldwell’s paint and wax labels:
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