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College is always a good excuse for a new desk, or furniture for that matter! Everyone wants the perfect dorm room or apartment! With school approaching, I was contacted by a young lady who is beginning her freshman year at Texas Christian University, home of the Horned Frogs. They love their PURPLE, and so it is only fitting that this desk was painted in CeCeCaldwell‘s New Orleans Purple! 


I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their school year, whether you are attending or your children are starting back up! Make it a great year!


Tuesday Tips: Aging Dust

Welcome back this week! I love using CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Dust to give my pieces that “un”perfect, perfect aged look!

PicMonkey Collage

Supplies Needed:

  • Waxing Cream
  • Wax Brush
  • Clean Chip Brush
  • Soft Rag
  • Aging Dust


To apply the proper aged look using CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Dust, just follow these few easy steps.

Before you apply the Aging Dust, and after your piece is painted using CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Clay Paint, use CeCe Caldwell’s Waxing Cream.



Sprinkle CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Dust on a plate or piece of paper.


While the wax is still tacky, lightly apply Aging Dust with a clean, soft bristle brush. Applying the Aging Dust while the wax is still tacky, will help highlight details, cracks & crevices.


Gently wipe off the excess dust and buff with a dry cloth.


Your piece is completed and has a wonderful aged look!


Tuesday Tips: Deglossing Furniture

At some time in the past, high-gloss furniture was totally in! If that isn’t your look anymore, I’m going to show you an easy way to get rid of the gloss and make it new!

**Before you start with any piece, make sure to wipe down and clean it real good! I recommend Simply Green, TSP or a citrus cleaner.**


If your furniture looks like this…


get rid of the shine by using a Liquid Deglosser.

Pour the Liquid Deglosser on a staining pad.

Wipe it on the piece, until you see the shininess start to fade.

And viola! Your piece is ready to paint!

This piece is painted in CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise.  After distressing, I used the new Endurance Finish!
I called this piece Lauren , named after CeCe Caldwell’s daughter who is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met! After my trip to Arizona over Memorial Day weekend, I got to meet her! I’ll have a recap up about my trip to the CeCe Caldwell factory soon!

New Baby, New Table, New Finish.

Last November I refurbished this adorable drum table at Junk Hippy in Arlington, TX using CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise & It has been the perfect addition to my sitting area.

My daughter, Mindi,  decided she needed this for Olivia’s (her brand new baby) nursery.  Although it was a  beautiful color for my sitting area, this drum table needed a softer touch for my grandbaby’s nursery.   CeCe Caldwell’s Pittsburgh Gray under Portland Rose, a beautiful, soft and simple color was the perfect fit for little Miss Olivia’s new room!

Before I show you the pictures, this is the perfect opportunity to inform you about a new product debuting next month at all CeCe Caldwell’s Retailer shops!
Everyone meet Endurance, Endurance meet everyone.

Endurance is a new finish that is perfect for tables or where their will be lots of use around water, food, or children!  Easy to use, & all you need is a staining pad.  What is a staining pad you ask.. I buy mine at Harbor Freight… check it out!

I found it only fitting to test it out so I gave it a little swirl. I dipped the staining pad in and wiped on!  That’s it!  After drying 2 hours I put on a second coat of Endurance. You can put on 6 coats of Endurance if your little heart desires, but 2 works just fine!

After it dried I took a piece of a brown paper sack and burnished by rubbing across the table.  This just enhanced the natural shine of the Endurance.

I just love how this little drum table turned out.  So perfect for Miss Olivia!

What will you use Endurance on?  Get your project ready because Endurance will hit CeCe Caldwell’s Retailers shops this next month!

Friday’s Fab Finds: Furniture

Pinterest has done it again! I don’t think that anyone can tell me they aren’t addicted to Pinterest… 
Here are this week’s fabulous finds.
All these featured pieces were found on Pinterest and are painted in 
CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Clay Paints or Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints. 
If you want to re-pin, please do so from the original source, so everyone gets credit for their FABulous  work!
CeCe Caldwell’s Omaha Ocre, Alaska Tundra Green & California Gold
CeCe Caldwell’s Pittsburg Gray, Santa Fe Turquoise & Blue Montana Sky
Miss Mustard Seed’s Tricycle
CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate
Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone
Hope you enjoyed those few FABulous Pinterest finds! Did you have a favorite this week? Comment & tell me! 
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