Allison is my BFFPB.  That is my Best Friend Forever Paint Buddy!
I met Allison from Refunk My Junk at CeCe Caldwell’s retailer training this past April in Waco, Texas!  
We immediately connected and talk paint all the time! 
Wesley calls Allison Lil’ Miss Spitfire, because she has so much drive and energy!
Thank you Allison for sharing all your expert business and painting knowledge with me! 

I named this French Provincial dresser after Allison.  It is such a beautiful piece, painted in CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Clay Paints Vintage White and sealed in Allison’s favorite,  Satin Finish!
Don’t you just love the storage!
And look at the gorgeous curves!
This piece sold at Frisco Mercantile as quickly as I put it in my suite!
But I have another one coming soon!
What color would you like to see the next dresser painted in?


“Saundra” is a gorgeous six drawer dresser that I painted with CeCe Caldwell’s Simply White. Such a beautiful dresser that could be used as a buffet, changing table, sofa table, and perfect for a little girls room! I named this piece after my lovely sister Saundra who is a sales manager for a local television station. She works many hours, plus takes good care of so many of my mothers needs, has two great sons and a daughter-in-law that she adores and does everything she can for, a wonderful husband, and most of all she is known as Salsa to her precious grandson! Visit Frisco Mercantile to see “Saundra”


I named this buffet/dresser “T” after my son Tyler because it is such a sturdy, strong piece of furniture…..Tyler is a very solid and strongly built young man. When he was little he would stand in front of the mirror and flex to look at his muscles! He is not only built solid and strong but he has a solid and strong faith in the Lord. His Dad and I are extremely proud of who he is! So proud of how hard he works to achieve his dreams and goals! So proud of the future he has before him! You will love this buffet and can see it at Frisco Mercantile!


Michelle is my sweet little sister-in-law who always takes care of my dogs when Wesley and I travel. When Wesley and I met Michelle was only 16 months old. She would always set next to Wesley and look at me and say “my Wesley”!!! She really didn’t like me hanging around. But over the last 32 years she has gotten use to me. She is a very caring young lady, and has a passion for animals. This is such a pretty dresser! I decided to paint using color….I know don’t be shocked. I guess I chose a good color because this dresser has already sold. I hope the lady who bought “Michelle” enjoys it!


When I name my furniture I always choose to name it after someone special, usually whom ever I happen to be thinking about while I paint! When I was painting this six leg buffet my mother was with me. The entire time all she could talk about was my good friend Jerry Mash. Mother thinks Jerry can do no wrong, and is a perfect gentleman! She is right! He is a caring, friendly, funny, and wonderful man. Jerry is always willing to help in any way he can. He is a very special husband, Dad, Pop, and friend… especially to my mother. I named this buffet “Jerry”. You can see it at Classic Collections, 833 Butternut, Abilene, Texas.