Vanities are my favorite! I love every one that I paint! “Shirley” is the name of this beautiful gray vanity. I named it after my mother-in-law, Shirley. I think she would like this. This would look great in any room. You can see “Shirley”at Classic Collections, 833 Butternut, Abilene.


Tuesday was my wonderful Daddy’s birthday! Oh how I miss him! He was the sweetest Daddy ever and the best “PaPaw” in the world to his grandchildren! So on Tuesday I painted all day, thinking of him and how he taught me so much. I think he would be proud of my little business and how I taught myself to paint all this furniture!!! So I named this little desk/vanity after him. I think he would love it. This would look so great in an entry, bathroom, bedroom, or even use it for a changing table in a babies room! In my suite at Classic Collections, 833 Butternut, Abilene.